MVSD Welcomes Students Back to Schools

MVSD Welcomes Students Back to Schools
     The Mountain View School District was excited to welcome its preschool through 2nd grade students who selected the hybrid program back to school campuses on Tuesday, April 27.
     Schools were adorned with balloons and banners celebrating the students’ return to campus. Several teachers had hats, signs, photo backdrops, and other fun "first day of in person learning" and "welcome back" trinkets and displays. MVSD’s school buses were back in action, and bus drivers were happy to be transporting students again.
     For many of the District’s youngest students this was the first time they’ve been on the school campus and they were eager to get into their classrooms and see their teacher in person. The students were very happy to be at school and did a fantastic job following safety protocols.
     “I’m so happy to be at school,” said Kaelyn, a 1st grader at Parkview School as she entered the campus for her second day back at school. “It’s nice to be with my teacher and friends. Yesterday, we played games and planted a plant in class and it was fun.”
     Many staff members were overwhelmed with emotion seeing the students return, as the reopening of campuses was a day everyone had been eagerly waiting for.
     “Having our students back on our campuses is extremely exciting for all of us,” said Lillian Maldonado French, Superintendent. We've waited so long to welcome them back to in person learning and it has been truly rewarding to see the excitement on their faces as they walk through their classroom doors. I’m so grateful
to our Mountain View team for the tremendous work they’ve done in preparing for our reopening and the return of students to our campuses.”
     Over 1,550 students are participating in the hybrid program and will be on school campuses Tuesday through Friday from 12 p.m. to 2:30 p.m. taking part in teacher led activities focused on social-emotional support, diagnostics and interventions, art, creative enrichment, physical education, and other in person learning supports. The District’s existing distance learning synchronous instruction is incorporated in the hybrid program with students continuing to receive live instruction from their teacher in the morning for their core subjects of ELD, Language Arts, Math, and Science/Social Science from home. Students opting to remain in full distance learning for the remainder of the school year complete asynchronous instruction in the afternoon. The District is also offering a variety of optional after school virtual enrichment classes for 7th and 8th grade students in both programs including science, photography, acting, coding, aviation and more.
     Keeping students and staff safe remains the top priority as schools reopen and the District, schools, and staff have worked diligently and established safe reopening plans that adhere to all local and State requirements.
     Sharing her excitement on the first day back, Glenda Giron, principal of Monte Vista School was elated to welcome students back to campus.
     “Even with masks covering their smiles, I could see the sparkle in our young Monte Vista Eaglets’ eyes. They were as thrilled as we were to have them step foot on campus again,” said Giron. “For most of our youngest ones, it was the first time ever being here. Like in a memorable movie, this scene will play in my mind
pleasantly for years to come!”
     Greeting her Transitional Kindergarten students with signs saying first day of in person school 2021, Payne teacher, Ruby Huesca was anxious, yet excited, to return to her classroom with her students.
   “We as parents and educators naturally feel anxious about returning back in person with our students,” she said. “But after completing my first week of in person teaching and seeing the excitement on my students’ faces made the transition easy. Even with all the safety protocols and wearing masks, students really enjoy
being at school and being with their friends. Seeing them happy makes all the difference.”
     Cogswell School principal, Shane Muetzel was thankful for the efforts of Cogswell’s teachers and staff for completing the countless tasks it took to get ready to reopen.
     “I am so proud of the work we have done as a team to reopen our campus,” said Muetzel. “Our K-2 students have been very successful this first week back. They have enjoyed seeing their friends and teachers and have been very responsible with all of the safety protocols.”
     “Overall, the first phase of reopening our schools was wonderful, heartwarming and full of excitement and hopefulness,” said French. “We are looking forward to phase two of the reopening starting May 4 with 3rd-8th grade students returning to campus.”
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