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Our MVSD Community Liaison Team has received their CABE Expert certificate.

The district goal to build parent capacity is twofold.  One is to meet the required district activities for the California Family Engagement Framework and the other is to build capacity because  research indicates that students’ learning outcomes improve with family engagement. Under the Build Capacity dimension, 1.03 the rubric states: Train parents to successfully participate in curricular and budgetary decision making.  At the innovative implementation level it is recommended that the district adopt a train-the-trainer model for ongoing training of new parents. To reach this goal, the district partnered with the California Association for Bilingual Education (CABE) to train our parents with the CABE Expert level program, preparing them to be trainers.   This preparation allowed our parent experts to provide the Awareness level Project 2 Inspire at three schools sites, Cogswell, Miramonte, and Payne. The primary emphasis of the program is to build family awareness and competence in improving their children’s educational outcomes. It also focuses on enhancing their knowledge, skills, and abilities to support student learning and school improvement. Additionally, it engages schools staff to support and cultivate positive environments and build relationships with families that increase their capacity to support their children’s educational needs.  Its success is measured by the parent participation level, parent surveys and parent completion of the program (certificate).

For more information please contact the District Community Liaison, Martha Cabrera at (626)652-4971.
2018-2019 CABE Parent Leaders:

Brisna Braz - Miramonte
Maria de Jesus Herrera - Miramonte
Wendy Morelos - Miramonte
Yeni Najera - Miramonte
Lucero Ruiz - Miramonte
Sandra Gpe. Perez Villalpando
Yahaira Sahagun - Twin Lakes
Yvette Salas Twin Lakes
Delia Sanchez G. Twin Lakes
Rosario Alcaraz - Voorhis
Salvador Limon Voorhis
Yolanda Moya - Voorhis
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