MVSD Schools Celebrate “Lights On Afterschool”

MVSD Schools Celebrate “Lights On Afterschool”

     On October 26th, schools in the Mountain View School District (MVSD) joined more than 8,000 communities, and one million people nationwide to celebrate Lights On Afterschool, an annual event calling attention to the importance of afterschool programs for youth, families, and communities.  A project of the Afterschool Alliance, the Lights On Afterschool Celebration is in its 18th year and is dedicated to ensuring all children have access to quality, affordable, extended learning time programs. MVSD’s afterschool THINK Together program coordinated the events which included a variety of fun and educational activities for students and families to enjoy.

            Jodi Grant, Executive Director of the Afterschool Alliance is thrilled that Lights On Afterschool was such a success again this year, sending the message that millions more students need quality afterschool programs and spotlighting the fun, educational, hands-on learning activities that quality afterschool programs like THINK Together offer children each afternoon.

     “All over the country, people are seeing firsthand the skills students hone and talents they develop at their afterschool programs, which keep kids safe and inspire them to learn through fun, educational, hands-on activities of all kinds,” said Grant.   “Unfortunately, there aren’t nearly enough afterschool programs to meet the need, and one in five students in our country today is unsupervised after the school day ends. We can and must do better for our children, our families, and our communities.”

      MVSD’s Lights On celebrations showcased the strengths of the THINK Together program and provided a variety of fun and educational activities for students and their families including arts and crafts, science experiments, games, and a glimpse of countries around the world. 

         “We are doing Lights On Around the World,” said Nolan, a 5th grader at Voorhis School.  “Each grade did a different country and we have a lot of projects to share.  I really like being in THINK Together.  We do a lot of fun things and we learn a lot and I get to do my homework and be with my friends.”

          Parents appreciate having their children in the THINK Together program too.

      “THINK Together is great for working parents and provides a great program for my kids after school,” said Rosie, a parent at Voorhis School. “My kids love it and I’m happy they are engaged in learning, having fun and are safe after school.  The staff is great and my kids have advanced in their language arts and math.”

       The THINK Together afterschool program is at all 12 MVSD schools and the Magnolia Learning Center and offers academically oriented extended learning time programs during the hours of 3 p.m. to 6 p.m. to approximately 1,200 students.  The program provides a safe environment for students with instruction tied to their daily learning through mentoring, homework assistance, tutoring and classes.  It also uses evidence-based strategies to improve students’ personal and social development with activities such as sports, recreation, chess, cooking and other subjects.

             “We greatly appreciate the hard work and dedication of the THINK Together staff who provide such a beneficial program for our students every day,” said Angelica Sifuentes-Donoso, Director of Family Engagement and After School Programs.  “Our Lights On events were an exciting way to see how our families support and embrace the partnership with the THINK Together after school program.  Every school had a different theme for their Lights On event, and at every school site you had family involvement and the students shared their work with incredible pride,” added Sifuentes-Donoso.

           “On behalf of the Board of Education we greatly appreciate our partnership with THINK Together and we are very happy to have the program available for our students,” said Veronica Sifuentes, Board of Education member.  “I loved my tour of all the countries for the Lights On Around the World event at Voorhis.  The students did a fantastic job with their projects and it’s great that the work is aligned with the curriculum they are learning in their classes.”





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