MVSD Celebrates Afterschool Programs

MVSD Celebrates Afterschool Programs
Posted on 10/28/2022

     The importance of quality afterschool programs was highlighted on October 20 as Mountain View School District’s Think Together Afterschool program celebrated Lights On Afterschool, an annual event held nationally that showcases and commemorates the importance of afterschool and expanded learning programs. A project of the Afterschool Alliance, the Lights On Afterschool Celebration shines a spotlight on the afterschool programs that keep young people safe, engaged in fun, hands-on learning, and offer families peace of mind in the hours when school is out of session.  

     MVSD’s Lights On celebrations were among 5,000 events held nationwide and showcased the strengths of the Think Together program while providing a variety of fun and educational activities for students including arts and crafts, science experiments, technology, and games.

    Miramonte School served as MVSD’s Lights On Afterschool Showcase site where Science, Technology, Engineering and Math were highlighted with students taking part in a STEM challenges.  Fourth through sixth graders were challenged to build a structure out of marshmallows and spaghetti noodles requiring them to predict, plan, and design a structure that stood at least 12 inches tall and was able to survive a table shake for 20 seconds. Kindergarten through third graders learned about the life cycle of sunflowers by decorating pots and planting sunflower seeds. Each student planted one pot to grow and monitor at school and one to take home.

     MVSD is proud to offer the Think Together afterschool program, which is well-like by students, at all eight schools.

      “I’ve been in Think Together since Kindergarten,” said Dyanne, a sixth grader.  “I really like being in Think Together and my favorite thing is the enrichment they offer. We get to do a lot of fun activities.”

     For Aubree, a fifth grader, making new friends is her favorite part of being in Think Together.  

     “Think Together is a great program.  I’m glad I get to be in it after school and meet new friends,” she said.

     Playing games, snacks and getting to do fun projects is what third graders, Sofia and Mariah like best.

   The Think Together Program Leaders and staff are dedicated to extending learning beyond the school day by providing academically oriented programs and enrichment.  Instruction is tied to daily classroom learning through mentoring, homework assistance, tutoring and classes aligned to district programs.   Through Think Together's offering of sports, recreation, STEAM, cooking and other subjects, students are able to grow in their personal and social development and immerse in hands-on learning as well as small group tutoring in a safe and caring environment.

     Miramonte principal, Melissa Brown appreciates all that the Think Together program provides for students at Miramonte and is thankful for the dedicated staff who run the program.

    “Think Together is a great program that provides academic support, enrichment and social development for our students,” said Brown.   “In the afterschool program students are able to interact with kids they don’t typically hang out with during the regular school day, making new friends and building relationships.  It’s a well thought out after school program that provides love and care.”

    Along with Miramonte School, the District’s seven other schools held special Lights On Afterschool activities showcasing Think Together’s expanded learning programs. 

       “We greatly appreciate our partnership with Think Together and the dedication and hard work of the Think Together staff at all of our schools who provide a safe and beneficial afterschool program for our students each day,” said George Schonborn, Director of Pupil Personnel Services.


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