“Sneak Peek” of the Mt. View Family Center

“Sneak Peek” of the Mt. View Family Center

     MVSD Board of Education members, proudly showcased a “Sneak Peek” of the Mountain View Family Center located at 2740 Mt. View Road, providing a glimpse of what the facility will provide students, families and the community.  

        Reconstruction has been ongoing with tremendous upgrades being made to the facility to ensure it is a place that serves MVSD’s students, families and community in the best possible way.

       According to Lillian Maldonado French, the vision for providing the MVSD community with a Family Center began 5 years ago when parents and families shared that they would like a safe place to go where they can enjoy activities together such as movies, classes, resources, services, recreation and family time.

      “Wanting to provide our families and community with a facility fulfilling their desires, our Board of Education and Administration began the work to bring that vision to life,” said Maldonado French. 

      Thanks to the Board members’ dedication, leadership and ability to think outside the box, as well as the passage of the Measure SS school bond, the District acquired the facility and reconstruction began to create the state of the art Mountain View Family Center.

        “As we move forward with the Family Center, our Board and administration has been mindful of not putting a drain on our district budget with this project and the lease structure for the facility allows many opportunities for service grants as well as state park grants,” said Maldonado French.  “Additionally, we are hoping to partner with outside agencies to support the lease - all with the focus being to enhance the many exceptional programs already in place in Mountain View and provide our students, families and community with a beautiful facility that they can be proud of.”

       Board of Education president, Veronica Sifuentes was pleased to see the progress being made on the Family Center and is eager for it to open and serve the community.

       “We are very much looking forward to opening the Family Center and providing our community with a safe place to gather and experience a variety of activities and services,” said Sifuentes.  “I’m so thankful to everyone for the tremendous work that has gone into and continues to go into this project.  It is truly for our families and community and I couldn’t be more proud to be a part of it.”

       Ruby Huesca, a teacher at Payne School and former resident of El Monte who grew up in the area knows that the Family Center will be an extraordinary resource for the community.

       “Having grown up here in El Monte and now working here, I will always be a part of this community and it is truly wonderful to see the transformation of this facility.  Our families and community members will benefit greatly from all that it will offer once it opens,” she said.

       “We are very proud to provide such a great place for our community,” said Adam Carranza, Board Member.  “What this used to be was a symbol of a challenge within the city of El Monte and now the District stepped in and by combining resources and partnering with organizations we will provide the community with a calm, relaxing place to go where they can obtain services, gain resources, enjoy family time and feel loved, supported and safe.”  

         Board Clerk, Jacqueline Saldaña shared that the progress made at the Family Center is a testament to everyone working hard and upholding the vision for the center.

         “As a Board we are very much dedicated to doing as much as we can and as often as we can for our families and community,” said Saldaña.  “All five of us on the Board are former Mountain View students and we know how very much this Family Center will benefit our community. I can’t wait until it opens!”     

      The work at the Family Center will continue and the official opening is anticipated early next year.

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