District Debuts New Electric School Buses

District Debuts New Electric School Buses

     MVSD is excited to be one of two school districts in California to add Blue Bird Electric school buses to its fleet of buses.   MVSD partnered with A-Z Bus Sales, Blue Bird, Adomani, Southern California Edison and Beard Electric to unveil its two new all-electric school buses at a special ceremony including presentations, a ride in the new bus and a celebratory lunch.   

        The District’s acquisition of the electric buses is due to the efforts of Transportation Supervisor, Hector Morales; Director of Maintenance and Operations, Jeff Truschel; and Assistant Superintendent of Business Services, Darin DeKnikker, who secured grants enabling the purchase of two electric school buses as well as a fueling station for the transportation yard.  The trio has submitted an additional grant for three more electric buses and the District is awaiting notification if it will be awarded the grant. 

     The all electric buses, which accommodate 72-passengers, will be a cost savings to the District, reducing bus maintenance costs because there is no transmission or engine to maintain.  The buses are also equipped with air conditioning and seat belts and produce zero emissions, resulting in cleaner air.

       MVSD was commended by Blue Bird and A-Z Bus Sales for its commitment to green energy with Blue Bird zero-emission school buses.  The City of El Monte also recognized the District for its effort to integrate electric vehicle technology by providing safe, clean, and sustainable transportation for the city’s children.    

        "We are thrilled to see our all-new Blue Bird electric school buses going into the hands of customers for the first time," said Phil Horlock, president and CEO of Blue Bird Corporation. "With zero-emissions, our electric school buses provide the cleanest possible environment for our customers and the children they transport. Also, with battery technology constantly advancing and becoming more efficient, we foresee a great future for growth."

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