Farmer's Market at La Primaria

Farmer's Market at La Primaria
Posted on 03/21/2023

     La Primaria School recently hosted its student-run Farmer’s Market thanks to the continued support and sponsorship of City of Hope and local farmers.

      The Farmer’s Market provides community members the chance to purchase fruits and vegetables locally, and gives students the experience of running a business.  The eager second and third graders did a terrific job managing the event and selling the organic produce and reusable shopping bags they made out of t-shirts. 

     Coordinating the Farmer’s Market are La Primaria teachers, Janette Salce and Nora Eskew who work with students after school, providing training on the roles of cashier, sales representative and marketing manager.  They also teach the students about inventory, quality control, pricing and customer service and encourage them to utilize their math and accounting skills.

     Clad in red aprons, the students enthusiastically welcomed patrons and helped them select their fruits and veggies while sharing their knowledge about the produce that was for sale including Chinese broccoli, lemons, tangerines, red onions, Taiwanese cabbage, sweet potatoes, butternut squash, succulents and more. 

     “I like working the Farmer’s Market. It’s fun and I like talking to people,” said Albert Martinez, 3rd grader.  “Before we set up for the market we inspected all the items and made sure they were good,” he added.

      Third grader, Leilani Vasquez likes working the Farmer’s Market because she gets to help people.

     “Helping people is my favorite thing and working at the Farmer’s Market I get to help people pick out vegetables and fruit and hopefully make them happy,” she said as she tallied up a customer’s purchase.

     Along with learning valuable lessons regarding running a business and customer service, the students are learning about health and nutrition and developing their social skills through interactions with customers.

They’re also gaining important life skills such as organization, responsibility, punctuality and confidence.       

    “Our students have done a great job,” said Salce.  “They’ve worked hard to ensure our Farmer’s Market is a success and we’re very proud of them.”  

     The school is grateful to partner with City of Hope and appreciates its sponsorship of the Farmer’s Market.  According to Eskew, in addition to providing students with hands-on learning and the community with access to fresh produce, the goal is to put the proceeds toward the next Farmer’s Market and help fund Tower Gardens and supplies for the school.

        La Primaria’s next Farmer’s Market is set for Tuesday, May 4 from 2 p.m. to 4 p.m. at the school located at 4220 Gilman Road in El Monte.  Be sure to stop buy and purchase some locally grown fresh produce and support the La Primaria Cubs.

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