Field Trips Begin to Disney Imagination Campus

Field Trips Begin to Disney Imagination Campus
Posted on 02/01/2024

     As one of four school districts in Los Angeles County selected as a Disney Imagination Campus, Mountain View School District’s fifth and eighth grade students began their field trips to the Disney Parks this week for the exceptional STEAM experience. 

     The Imagination Campus sessions are three-hour, hands-on, collaborative learning experiences that promote creative thinking, problem-solving, and the communication of ideas while addressing several, key State Standards in the arts, humanities, science, and technology. The unique curriculum and learning environment fosters creative thinking, fearless exploration and, Disney magic with the mission to provide students with the tools they need to express themselves creatively and academically and to prepare them for real-world challenges.   

     MVSD’s fifth graders are participating in Technology of Disneyland Parks, working with Disney Imagineers, learning about theme park design and the eighth graders are taking part in Physics of Disney Parks at Disney’s California Adventure Park, learning how the laws of physics are applied to every element of the theme park experience.  Along with the three-hour workshops, students get a full-day pass to explore and enjoy the Disneyland parks with backstage access.

     Baker School’s fifth graders and Twin Lakes School’s eighth graders were the first groups to complete the Disney Imagination Campus field trip on January 22.

     “Our students participated in the Imagination Campus STEAM 'Act Like an Imagineer' Day,” said Leticia McCorkle, Baker principal.   “During the field trip, students utilized their imagination, creativity, and problem-solving skills to design their own amusement park.  After the engaging three-hour class, our students, chaperones and teachers collectively enjoyed the enchanting experience at Disneyland.  Even with the rain, it was a great day for everyone.”

     Fifth grade teacher, Danny Estremera from Baker School and eighth grade teacher, Dr. Kenny Bowman from Twin Lakes School joined their students on the inaugural field trip.

     "What a magical experience for our fifth grade imagineers, who were given the opportunity to explore the beauty of Disneyland!” said Estremera.   “From the theme park's Imaginative Project Design in buildings and main attractions, to its Creativity of Characters and Shows, our students experienced it all. And if that wasn't enough, we then explored Disneyland’s Backstage to witness all that is happening behind the scenes. Through their Ongoing Engagement of the Tour, our students were then able to use the knowledge and skills learned to design a creative theme park of their own. It was truly remarkable!"

      Dr. Bowman’s students appreciated this Disney Experience opportunity to apply their study of forces & motion to the real world.

     “My students were able to feel force, acceleration, dynamic loops and turns, gravity and free fall with their bodies, in their stomachs and through their emotions,” said Bowman.  “In spite of the pouring rain, it was a memorable day as some students went to Disneyland for the very first time.”

     According to Rabia Minhas, MVSD’s Director of STEAM and GATE, the Disney Imagination Campus experience supports the four C’s of Common Core as students are heavily engaged in collaboration, communication, critical thinking, and creativity.

     “This is an exciting STEAM opportunity incorporating the Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math of park rides and attractions, as well as what goes into the designing of the park itself,” said Minhas.   “Our students are able to interact directly with Disney professionals who provide an amazing science and technology curriculum which supports our students to become creative and critical thinkers.”

      Field trips to the Imagination Campus for students in fifth and eighth grade this school year will continue through May, and thanks to funding from an Arts Block Grant, MVSD will be part of this wonderful program through the 2025-2026 school year.



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