Former Dodger Inspires Miramonte Elementary Students to be Successful STARS!

Former Dodger Inspires Miramonte Elementary Students to be Successful STARS!

      Miramonte School was a sea of Dodger blue as the school welcomed former Dodger player, Al "The Bull" Ferrara to their Positive Behavioral Interventions and Supports (PBIS) Rally.   Ferrara, an outfielder who played with the Dodgers from 1963 to 1968, encouraged the students to be STARS (Successful, Thoughtful, Accountable, Respectful, Safe) by following the school’s PBIS expectations.

       “I went to my first major league baseball game on April 15, 1947 and when I saw the beautiful field, the players in their uniforms and the crowd, I knew I wanted to become a professional baseball player,” he shared.  “Attending that first major league game changed my life and guess who took me to the of my teachers.  I’m very lucky to have lived my dream and I know you can too.”

        After cheers for the incredible success the Dodgers are having this season, Ferrara, using a baseball analogy, told the students in order to be successful they have to get to home plate and they can’t get there alone.  

       “You get to 1st base with the support and love of your parents, 2nd base with the support your school, sports and other programs you’re in provide, 3rd base with the love and support of teachers and coaches, and sliding in to home plate is all you,” he said.  “If you listen, put in the hard work, do your homework and are kind to others you will round the bases and successfully hit home plate!”

         School Resource Officer, Jesus Rojas was also on hand to inspire the students to their best.

     “My partner, Officer Garcia and I and the entire El Monte Police Department want you to be successful,” said Officer Rojas.  “We are here to support you and if you play well and get along with others, sleep well and come to school ready to learn, and eat well so you grow strong, you will be successful!” 

        Miramonte Student Council members asked questions about the school’s PBIS expectations and students who correctly answered the questions received Dodger T-shirts and hats that were donated by the Dodgers organization.  The rally concluded with the students doing the wave and singing Take Me Out to the Ballgame.  

       “Thank you Mr. Ferrara and Officer Rojas for your inspiring words,” said Bruce Rhodes, principal. 

     “We have had an excellent first week of school and I’m very proud of you students for modeling the STARS expectations.  I know it’s going to be a successful year for all of our Miramonte Mustangs!”


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