Grant Brings 3 All Electric Buses to MVSD

Grant Brings 3 All Electric Buses to MVSD

     MVSD is proud to be a pioneer in electric vehicles in the San Gabriel Valley, now having five all-electric school buses in its fleet to transport students. 

     On November 30, three brand new all-electric school buses were delivered to the Transportation Yard by A-Z Bus Sales.  The beautiful new Blue Bird buses are the result of a California Energy Commission (CEC) grant awarded to the District.  

     “We commend the District for its commitment to green energy and providing safe, clean and sustainable transportation for students,” said Ammon Matavo, A-Z Bus Sales representative.  “Mountain View is one of only three school districts in Southern California to have all-electric, zero-emission school buses, and all were acquired through grants.”

     The District’s acquisition of the electric buses is due to the efforts of Transportation Supervisor, Hector Morales; Director of Maintenance and Operations, Jeff Truschel; and Assistant Superintendent of Business Services, Darin DeKnikker, who secured grants. 

     The new buses are wheel chair accessible, equipped with air conditioning, Zonar Connect Systems, Transfinder Tracking Systems and will have CDC approved air purifiers and WIFI routers installed in the near future. 

     “We are ecstatic to add these new buses to our fleet,” said Darin De Knikker.  “Not only are they all-electric, but they are wheel chair accessible which is a huge step for us, as we can now accommodate all of our special needs students on field trips.” 

      As Transportation Supervisor, Morales is also very excited that the three new buses have level 2 and level 3 chargers which will allow the buses to go up to 120 miles in a single charge. 

     “Having the buses equipped with level 2 and level 3 chargers is outstanding,” said Morales.  “It will add about 25 miles of Range Per Hour (RPH) which will be great for our field trips.  Also, the amount of time needed to charge the buses will be reduced tremendously, with the level 2 they will charge in about 8 hours and with level 3 a bus can charge in about 3 hours.”

     The all electric buses, accommodate 72-passengers and will be a cost savings to the District, reducing bus maintenance costs because there is no transmission or engine to maintain.  Fitted with green tire rims and bumpers make the buses easily identifiable as all-electric and clean energy vehicles traveling down the road. 

      MVSD is looking forward to when it is safe to reopen its schools and resuming the safe transportation of its students in these new, state of the art buses.

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