In-House Field Trips Provide Fun and Enrichment

In-House Field Trips Provide Fun and Enrichment
Posted on 05/13/2022

Mountain View School District is hosting in-house field trips for students, providing fun and engaging learning outside of the classroom.  Held at the Mt. View Family Center, students are enjoying a petting zoo and a reptile show that are both informative and interactive. 


“Since the pandemic, our students have not been able to go on field trips,” said Raymond Andry, Superintendent.  “We wanted to provide this beneficial experience for them while ensuring their safety, so we decided to host a few fields trip in-house.”


The field trips are scheduled by individual classroom and students are transported from their school to the Family Center by MVSD buses.  They have enjoyed a Petting Zoo provided by Rah-Rah Ranch and a Reptile Show provided by Thor’s Reptile Family.  The Petting Zoo has received rave reviews from students.  Stormy the Alpaca, along with his goat, chicken, sheep, cow and rabbit pals are providing a fun and enriching learning experience while bringing many smiles to students’ faces.


“This is so much fun!” exclaimed a very excited Kindergartner as she was petting a small goat.  “The animals are so cute and I like being here with my friends.”


The Family Center staff added to the field trip fun by providing outdoor games and a nature walk through the beautiful grounds.  They also had plenty of animal cracker snacks to share with the students.


The interactive reptile show features an exotic mix of reptiles, amphibians and arthropods. Students are excited to listen to Thor, a reptile expert who happily shares his friends, a baby red footed tortoise, a large desert turtle, a blue tongued skink, a green iguana, a king snake, and more.  Students were captivated by the small and large creatures and learning about their habitat, diets and behaviors and were thrilled to get to hold and touch some of Thor's friends.   

For many of the younger students this was their first field trip experience due to the pandemic shutdowns and they were very excited to participate. 

“In addition to being fun and memorable, field trips allow students to learn beyond the classroom,” said Priscilla Figueroa, Director of Family Engagement and Extended Learning.  “They enrich and expand learning and enable students to engage with subject matter and materials in a hands-on way.”

The Family Center field trips will continue to be offered through the month of May.

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