Journalism Program Creates Great Writers

Journalism Program Creates Great Writers

     Sixty-five MVSD students explored the field of journalism during the District’s After School Journalism Program.  For the past 5 years the District has provided the program for English learners giving them the opportunity to develop their writing skills as journalists.   A special celebration was held to honor the young writers who participated in the most recent 10-week program.  

     Focusing on the highly engaging style of journalistic writing, throughout the 10 weeks students were engrossed in reading, speaking, listening, writing and learning about the field of journalism and the skills and knowledge it takes to be a journalist.  Among the many things they learned were proper interviewing techniques, how to write a catchy lead and hook, the importance of the five W’s (who, what, where, when and why), note taking, how to construct an article, and communicating their views through informative and creative writing.

      As reporters for the Payne Highlights, the Parkview Eagle News, the Twin Lakes Comet Chronicle, the Maxson Falcon News, the Monte Vista Eagle News, the Miramonte Mustang News, and the Cogswell Cubs Chronicle, the learning and hands-on experience they received helped them to become true journalists. Following this session’s theme - Origins, students applied their skills during their field work as they learned about the origin of plants, ancestry and cuisine, women’s studies, baking, religion and a wildlife sanctuary during their study trips to California Polytechnic University, Pomona (Cal Poly Pomona), LA Hanmi Church, Mt. SAC Wildlife Sanctuary, Daikokuya Japanese Restaurant and La Puente Bakery.  Once the journalists obtained their research they began the writing process and produced wonderful articles which were published in their student created newspaper, The Mountain View Voices

     Joining in the celebration to honor the journalists were family members, staff members, administrators and board members.  Raymond Andry, MVSD’s Assistant Superintendent of Educational Services thanked the students for their hard work and dedication.

     “We are very proud of you and the amazing writing you produced.  Your excitement for learning is wonderful and the skills you learned through this program will help you use your voice and communicate,” said Andry.  “Your articles in the newspaper are terrific and now you know that when you work as a team and put your minds to it you can produce something amazing.”

      The journalists all agreed that the program was a lot of fun and they learned a lot about writing.

     “We had fun and became reporters,” said Matteus Raya from Monte Vista.  “We learned about the parts of a newspaper and our field trip to the Japanese restaurant was the best.  I would recommend this class to all my friends!”

       “I learned a lot on our field trip to Cal Poly,” said Kimberly Sandoval from Payne School.  “We toured the Lyle Center for Regenerative Studies which was really neat.  I really like the program and being a journalist.”

        Maria Jose Mejia, a writer for the Maxson Falcon News liked how she could express her feelings and show her passion for something through her writing.

       Bryan Vasquez from the Cogswell Cubs Chronicle felt the program helped him write and read better. 

       “The journalism program is a great program and I’m glad the District has it.  I’m grateful I had the chance to be a part of it,” he said. 

      MVSD is happy to provide the innovative program which continues to provide English Language Learners with effective intervention emphasizing the development of academic language skills.

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