Journalism Program Focuses on Everyday Heroes

Journalism Program Focuses on Everyday Heroes

The Mountain View School District recently celebrated 125 student journalists from its 12 schools for their achievements in the District’s Virtual After School Journalism Program.  The ten-week enrichment program, held two days a week for two hours after school, focused on informational writing and oral proficiency, emphasizing the development of academic language skills. 

Throughout the ten weeks, the fifth through eighth grade journalists learned about proper interviewing techniques, how to write a catchy lead and hook, how to communicate their views through informative and creative writing, and how to construct an article.  They also learned about digital media and video recording, increasing their technology skills in the virtual format.

MVSD has been providing the successful enrichment program and developing exceptional student journalists for eight years.  The theme for this session was Resiliency and Everyday Heroes and the journalists conducted virtual interviews of everyday heroes in the community like fire fighters, nurses, police officers, teachers, social workers, military personnel, animal rescue workers, attorneys, food bank officers, marathon runners, protective agents and more.  They also participated in virtual field trips to the UCLA Mattel Children’s Hospital, LA Regional Food Bank, LA County Fire Station, and the Front Street Animal Shelter, gathering information for their articles which were published in the student created digital newspaper, The Mountain View Voices.  

“Our junior journalists did an outstanding job and we are so proud of them,” said Priscilla Figueroa, Director of Family Engagement and After School Programs.  “They worked extremely hard and learned so much over the ten weeks as they became investigative reporters.   Each group produced amazing articles for our digital publication.”

Working independently as well as collaboratively to develop their articles, the junior journalists enjoyed their time in the program and showed their own heroism and resiliency as they’ve persevered through these challenging times of the pandemic. 

“The Journalism Program has helped me as a student because I have learned so much like how to write an article and also extend my vocabulary by using more intelligent words,” said Raquel Javier Aparicio from
the Kranz Cougar News. 

Getzemani Miguel a writer for the Madrid Bulldog News, also appreciated the opportunity to learn so much during program.

“I learned a lot in the Journalism class like skills that include researching, investigating, interviewing, reporting, and writing. Journalism helped me learn how to verify information through documents and interview people on how to attain information properly,” he said.

The Mountain View School District is grateful to the local heroes who granted interviews to the student journalists, the outstanding journalism instructors, the parents for supporting their child in the program, and the amazing student journalists.

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