Learning was Double the Fun on “Twosday”

Learning was Double the Fun on “Twosday”
Posted on 02/28/2022
     Learning was too much fun on Tuesday, 2-22-22 as students and staff throughout the District celebrated “Twosday” a once-in-a-lifetime occurrence. The palindrome day was so rare, it won’t happen again for another 400 years.
     Tutus, ties and twins was the theme at several schools, where students and staff wore colorful tutus and neck ties and dressed as twins to celebrate the day full of twos.
     Along with dressing up, teachers provided lessons focused on the number two such as multiplying and dividing by two, compare and contrast writing, solving word problems with twos, studying homophones and palindromes, matching pairs, mirroring, writing about when they are 22 years old, and creating special “Twosday” crowns and artwork.
     “Today is a day full of twos,” said Janet Salce, teacher at La Primaria School. “My students are having a fun time completing lessons on homophones, synonyms, antonyms and anything that can come in twos.”
     To cap off the unique day, some classes held a two-minute dance party at 2:22 p.m. celebrating all the fun learning that took place surrounding the number two.
  • Magnolia Learning Center