MVSD Celebrates "Lights On Afterschool"

MVSD Celebrates "Lights On Afterschool"

     The importance of quality afterschool programs for youth was highlighted as schools throughout the MVSD celebrated Lights On Afterschool, an annual nationwide event calling attention to the significance of afterschool programs for youth, families, and communities.  A project of the Afterschool Alliance, the Lights On Afterschool celebration is dedicated to ensuring all children have access to quality, affordable, extended learning time programs.

     Spearheaded by MVSD’s Think Together afterschool program, the Lights On celebrations held throughout MVSD were among 8,400 events held nationwide and showcased the strengths of the Think Together program and a variety of fun and educational workshops and activities for students and their families including arts and crafts, science experiments, technology, coding, games, and even pumpkin carving.  MVSD is proud to have the Think Together afterschool program, which receives stellar reviews from the students participating in it, in all 12 MVSD schools and the Magnolia Learning Center operating from 3 to 6 p.m. daily.  The Think Together Program Leaders and staff are dedicated to providing academically oriented programs not only extending learning beyond the school day, but tying instruction to daily classroom learning through mentoring, homework assistance, tutoring and classes aligned to our district programs.   Through Think Together's offering of sports, recreation, chess, cooking and other subjects students have shown growth in their personal and social development.  The program has provided additional opportunities for students to participate in hands-on learning as well as small group tutoring in a safe and caring environment.

     At Kranz Intermediate School students showed off their Coding skills and shared about the sports programs, art, science and culinary arts they enjoy participating in during their afterschool program.

      “I love being in Think Together and being part of the afterschool leadership team,” said Diana Calix, Kranz 7th grader.  “We do a lot of fun activities and as a leader I get to help plan and organize events which is a great way to develop my leadership skills.”

       “Being in Think Together is great. I’m glad they have the program afterschool so we can get our homework done and have fun cooking, playing sports, coding and so much more,” said Alondra Quezada, Kranz 8th grader. 

        Kranz principal, David Herrera appreciates all that the Think Together program provides for students at Kranz and is thankful for the dedicated staff who run the program.

      “Students, I’m so proud of your efforts in the afterschool program and your willingness to try new things.  You are building a great foundation as well as friendships as you participate in the many activities offered like coding, art and sports.  All these will help you succeed here at Kranz, in high school, in college and in life,” said Herrera.

       Watching her 7th grade son Semaj display his coding skills, Letricia Norwood expressed her gratefulness for the Think Together program.

       “It’s wonderful to have such a great program afterschool that not only allows my kids to do their homework and get help if needed, but they get to learn new things and have fun.  My son absolutely loves coding and is so passionate about it and my daughter who is a 5th grader at Maxson School really enjoys being in Think Together too,” said Norwood.

        The Afterschool Alliance organizes Lights On Afterschool to focus attention on the urgent need to invest in afterschool programs, which provide homework help, mentoring, STEM (science, technology, engineering and math) activities, sports and fitness, healthy snacks and meals, art and dance, job- and college-readiness, and opportunities for hands-on, team-based learning.

     “The massive turnout for Lights On Afterschool this year shows Americans understand the pivotal role that quality afterschool programs play in helping young people develop the skills they need to thrive in school and in life,” said Afterschool Alliance Executive Director Jodi Grant. “All over the country people were able to see firsthand the skills students hone and talents they develop at their afterschool programs, which keep kids safe and inspire them to learn through fun, educational, hands-on activities. Unfortunately, there aren’t nearly enough afterschool programs to meet the need. That needs to change because afterschool and summer learning programs help children reach their full potential and ready them for the jobs of tomorrow.”

     MVSD greatly appreciates the hard work and dedication of the Think Together staff who provide such a beneficial afterschool program for students every day



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