Maxson School Honors Mt. View High School Tutors

Maxson School Honors Mt. View High School Tutors
Posted on 04/21/2022

     The energy and gratitude was infectious at Maxson Elementary School as students and staff hosted a rally to show their appreciation to students in Mt. View High School’s Teacher Preparation Academy (TPA) who have spent this year tutoring the elementary students.  Along with the enthusiastic rally, the high schoolers were treated to a delicious breakfast, beautiful signs and posters, certificates and many thank you notes from Maxson’s grateful students and teachers. 

     “Today we are celebrating our TPA students and acknowledging their support this year,” said David Herrera, Maxson Principal.  “We are all decked out in Mt. View High’s colors or purple and gold and the color purple represents creativity, wisdom and devotion and those are all traits you need when you are a teacher.  Thank you for all your hard work with our students.”

     “This is awesome!  All the purple and gold for MVHS is great,” said Amy Minick, MVHS English teacher and TPA Co-Director.  “We love coming to Maxson and helping the students.  It’s wonderful to be able to give back to you and the community.  Thank you to the Maxson staff for the great partnership.”

     Throughout the school year, TPA students have been visiting Maxson two to three times a week providing tutoring in all classrooms. The one-to-one tutoring has greatly supported Maxson students in all academic areas.  The tutors’ visits have also provided social/emotional support for the elementary students, as they have formed wonderful bonds with their high school tutors. 

     “Our tutors provided so much support this year,” said first grade teacher, Diana De Camp. “Due to distance learning, many students fell behind and our tutors have helped tremendously with intervention and the one-on-one time our students had with the tutors was incredible.  My students wrote heartwarming notes to them and expressed that they were patient and nice and helped them learn.”  

     Third grader, Erick Honorio appreciated the hard work and dedication of the tutors and looked forward to their visits each week.

     “Our tutors were sweet and kind and helped us a lot,” he said.

     The high schoolers agreed that tutoring Maxson’s students was a rewarding experience and very beneficial as they look to their future careers.

     “I like being with the students, since we are helping them in their developmental years,” said Luis Martinez, tutor.  “I loved the one-to-one tutoring and seeing the smile on their faces when they got an answer or concept.  I really loved helping the kids and I plan to become a nurse and work with kids.”

     For tutor, Luna Cuevas her favorite part of working with the younger students was seeing their progress.

     “The students get really happy because they are learning and progressing in their academics,” said Cuevas.   “Providing support for them helps motivate us to do good. Also, building a close bond with the kids is great. TPA is a wonderful program and being part of it has helped shape my career path. I definitely want to work with kids so my career choices include becoming a teacher or a social worker.”

     MVSD is grateful for the wonderful partnership with Mt. View High School and its exceptional TPA program that continues to provide instructional support for students.

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