Payne 5th Graders Showcase their Robotics Skills

Payne 5th Graders Showcase their Robotics Skills

     Fifth graders at Payne Elementary School eagerly displayed their STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, the Arts, Mathematics) skills during the school’s 5th Grade Robotics Showcase.  The students in Ms. Avina’s class and Mr. Campa’s class learned the fundamentals of robotics over the course of 5 weeks as staff from Windtree Robotics visited their classrooms twice a week teaching hands-on techniques. 

      Practicing teamwork, students worked in teams to build self-driving robot cars using high-quality hardware and Raspberry Pi single board computers. Taking the roles of Project Manager, Engineer, Programmer and Quality Control, the student teams learned the fundamentals of circuitry, as well as computer programming as they nurtured their curiosity and creativity, built logical thinking, engineering and design skills, and had a ton of fun in the process.  They also enjoyed an educational field trip to the Columbia Memorial Space Center in Downey.

       “This is a great program for our students and they absolutely love it,” said Campa.  “The hands-on projects have allowed my students to build confidence and demonstrate strengths in different areas which is fantastic.”

        The Robotics Showcase pitted student teams against each other as they programmed their robot cars to complete the Geometric Circuit and The Dance competitions.  The friendly competition, coordinated by Windtree Robotics, is designed not only to measure the effectiveness of each robot car, but to showcase teamwork and determination.

       “I love robotics!” said 5th grader, Will Wang.  “My team put a lot of extra details into our robot car like super suspension and a large shell for aerodynamics.  I really enjoyed the robotics program and building our car, especially when the robotic wheel spun for the first time.”

       Mountain View School District and Payne School are grateful for the partnership of Windtree Robotics (formerly known as Bradley Robotics) whose mission is to encourage innovation, build confidence, promote teamwork, and inspire students to become science and technology leaders.


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