Preschool Transition Class Supports Students

Preschool Transition Class Supports Students

Mountain View School District’s Summer Preschool Transition classes are supporting the District’s youngest students to transition into the classroom setting after a year in Distance Learning. 

According to Dr. Aileen La Corte, Principal of Preschool Programs, the goal of the Preschool Transition Class is to provide a fun and enjoyable experience for students.

“Our summer program is focused on socialization, getting accustomed to the classroom and creative curriculum units,” said La Corte.  “Our teachers and support staff are providing a wonderful program that builds foundational skills and is really fun for our preschoolers.”

Through a variety of activities, the preschoolers are learning gross and fine motor skills, eye-hand coordination, how to follow directions, sharing with others, problem solving, interacting with others and much more.

At Miramonte School students were working on their balance, gross motor skills and hand-eye coordination by walking across the playground on using foot blocks.

“The summer program has been very beneficial for my students,” said Marlin Machado, teacher.  “There were things we couldn’t do during distance learning that they are learning now like following one and two step directions, following a schedule, sharing with others, taking turns, problem solving and interacting face to face with others.  I’ve seen big changes in their development over the past three weeks and what they are learning will help them be successful when they move on to Transitional Kindergarten (TK) or Kindergarten,” said Machado.

Students in Monte Vista’s Preschool Transition class were busy taking part in activities to build their fine motor skills like painting, hammering, sorting plastic insects, building with connectors and creating with playdough. 

“The students have a lot of fun with these activities which help build their fine motor skills and finger muscles so they can master using a pencil and scissors as they get ready for TK and Kindergarten,” said Lilibeth Perez, teacher.  “Additionally, while they are completing the activities they are working on their listening skills, learning to take turns and following directions.”

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