SEAL Summer Bridge Program Concludes

SEAL Summer Bridge Program Concludes

     Mountain View School District’s Sobrato Early Academic Language (SEAL) Summer Bridge Program for Pre-K through 3rd grade students packed a tremendous amount of instruction, hands-on learning and projects into the 10-day program geared to develop students’ language and literacy skills.  Teachers implemented Common Core and English Language Development standards in the classrooms, as well as collaborative conversations between pairs of students to develop oral skills, charts labeled with words to build vocabulary, fun songs and chants incorporating language sequencing and frequent writing assignments. 

      Throughout the 10 days, high level, rich, expressive language was used to create an environment where academic vocabulary came to life. The vibrant and enriching classrooms were adorned with student-produced work based on the grade level themes of ocean and fossils as students explored sea life, fossils and relics from the Paleozoic, Mesozoic and Cenozoic eras. 

      Walking into a kindergarten/1st classroom felt like you were under the sea with octopus, krill, fish and crabs adorning the walls, the 2nd /3rd  grade classrooms showcased fossils and relics from the Paleozoic, Mesozoic and Cenozoic eras. 

     “I liked doing the art projects and learning about the ocean,” said Brandon, a 1st grader in Baker’s SEAL summer program. 

       For Thayli and Isabella, two 3rd grade Junior Paleontologists in Twin Lakes’ Summer SEAL program, excavating fossils was their favorite part of the program.

      “We learned a lot and did so many things,” said Thayli.  “It was a lot of fun learning about fossils and working in our research center.”

     On the last day of the program a special Gallery Walk was held for parents and family members who enjoyed exploring the classrooms and seeing the students’ amazing work.  They also got to participate in a few activities with their child.  They were impressed with the amount of work and learning that took place during the 10-day program and were happy with the difference the program made in their child’s learning.  

        According to Julie Pernudi, SEAL Summer Program teacher, the 10 day program is robust with high level language and offers great opportunities for language development.     

      “The students worked very hard and enjoyed themselves during the 10 days.  They had fun learning through the many chants and songs we used and we also incorporated math and technology each day.  I know every student came away with extended knowledge and enhanced learning after their time in the SEAL Summer Bridge Program which will support their learning in the upcoming school year.”

       MVSD was the first school district outside of Silicon Valley to implement the SEAL project back in 2014 at a few school sites and since 2017 the SEAL project has been districtwide in all of the District’s Pre-K through 3rd grade classrooms.

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