SEAL Summer Bridge Program Supports English Language Learners

SEAL Summer Bridge Program Supports English Language Learners
     MVSD's Sobrato Early Academic Language (SEAL) Summer Bridge Program for Pre-K through 3rd grade students packed a tremendous amount of instruction, hands-on learning and projects into the 10-day program geared to develop students’ language and literacy skills. Teachers implemented Common Core and English Language Development standards in the classrooms, as well as collaborative conversations between pairs of students to develop oral skills, charts labeled with words to build vocabulary, and frequent writing assignments.
     Utilizing content thematic units of instruction focusing on insects in kindergarten, the ocean in 1st grade, the environment in 2nd grade and fossils in 3rd grade, SEAL is aimed to be booming with language and classrooms were bustling with conversations as teachers engaged the students to talk about what they were learning, ask questions, and predict and wonder about their world.
     Teachers use rich, expressive language to create an environment where academic vocabulary comes to life. Classrooms are vibrant and enriching with student-produced work based on the grade level theme adorning the walls. Walking into a kindergarten classroom you were transformed into a meadow with ladybugs, bees and dragonflies, the 1st grade classrooms felt like you were under the sea with octopus, krill, fish and crabs adorning the walls, the 2nd grade classrooms showcased the Earth’s natural resources and conservation, and the 3rd grade classrooms boasted fossils and relics from the Paleozoic, Mesozoic and Cenozoic eras.
     On the last day of the program a special Gallery Walk was held for parents and family members providing the chance for them to see the students’ amazing work. Family members enjoyed exploring the classrooms and participating in a few activities with their child. They were impressed with the amount of work and learning that took place during the 10-day program.
    According to Alicia Raygoza, MVSD Teacher on Special Assignment, students benefit greatly from the Summer Bridge program.
     “The students worked very hard and enjoyed themselves during the 10 days,” she said. “Our teachers collaborated in each classroom to provide multiple instructional strategies allowing students to enhance their language development, explore science, and expand their vocabulary.”
     MVSD was the first school district outside of Silicon Valley to implement the SEAL project in 2014 at a few schools. The District is proud to announce that beginning this fall, the SEAL project will be districtwide in all Pre-K through 3rd grade classrooms.
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