Shoes That Fit Delivers Shoes to Cogswell

Shoes That Fit Delivers Shoes to Cogswell

     It was a grand celebration at Cogswell School thanks to Shoes That Fit, Nordstrom and KTLA 5 who joined together to provide a brand new pair of shoes for every student at the school.

     The excitement was undeniable as the many volunteers passed out over 500 pairs of new shoes to the exuberant and very grateful students.  Through partnerships with corporations and volunteer groups, as well as individual donations, Shoes That Fit has helped children in thousands of schools across America, with over 2 million pairs of new shoes and other necessities distributed.  

       “We are so happy to be here at Cogswell School and bring you all a new pair of shoes,” said Amy Fass, CEO of Shoes That Fit.  “We hope these shoes will help you run fast, jump high and work hard in school.”

      Scott Meden, Chief Marketing Officer for Nordstrom and several volunteers from Nordstrom were thrilled to be with the students.

     “We are super excited to be here!” said Meden.  “We believe that having a great pair of shoes that fit is so important.  Nordstrom started in 1901 as a shoe store so we are thrilled to be a part of the Shoes That Fit initiative and provide shoes to wonderful students like you and support your learning, playing and thriving.”

        Nordstrom also presented every Cogswell staff member with a $50 gift card for their hard work and daily efforts to help the students succeed. 

       “I really like my new shoes,” said Loveli, a sixth grader.  “I can use them for walking and running and they have lots of padding so they are very comfortable.  I’m really athletic so these are perfect.”

      Alize, a kindergartner was overjoyed with her colorful new shoes. 

      “I love these shoes!  I can jump really high now,” she exclaimed.

   In addition to the new shoes, students received goody bags from KTLA and Shoes That Fit full of school supplies, socks, water bottles, flashlights, and more.

     “It is so nice of all these people to give us so much stuff,” said Bryan, a fifth grader.  “Getting the shoes was great but all this other stuff is really cool too.”   

     Cogswell’s principal, Shane Muetzel was overwhelmed with gratitude to the organizations for providing such an extraordinary outpouring of support for the students and families.

     “It is so great to see the students so happy.  The emotions I’m feeling are really indescribable and I’m so grateful to Shoes That Fit, Nordstrom and KTLA 5.  Shoes are usually the most expensive part of back to school shopping so this is a nice treat for our students and families, and the extra items in the goody bags and the gifts for our staff are amazing.  The generosity just keeps coming and it’s fantastic,” said Muetzel.

       South El Monte Mayor, Gloria Olmos presented certificates of appreciation to Shoes That Fit and Nordstrom for their generosity and outreach to the children of Cogswell School and South El Monte.  Mountain View School District Board of Education Members, Adam Carranza, Jacqueline Saldaña and Cindy Wu and Superintendent, Lillian Maldonado French also joined in the fun and expressions of appreciation.

        “As a product of this school district and community I know first-hand what this means to our families,” said Saldaña.  “What you are providing is beyond a pair of shoes.  Your presence here and the care you’ve shown will have an everlasting impact on our students.  It’s wonderful to have community partners who aren’t in our community come into our schools and neighborhoods and make our children a priority.  For that we are extremely grateful.”

      The spirit of giving and gratitude were evident during the high energy celebration and the endless smiles and excitement on the students’ faces could melt your heart. 

     “It is such a nice thing they are doing to help our children and families,” said Cogswell parent, Vanessa Graciano.  “I’m just really, really grateful.”

      Heading out to the playground to play in her new shoes, second grader, Brianna gave a high five to the Nordstrom and Shoes That Fit volunteers and thanked them for making her feet so happy!

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