Students Excel in Mandarin Language Program

Students Excel in Mandarin Language Program

     Mountain View School District’s Mandarin Language Enrichment program for Transitional Kindergarten (TK) and Kindergarten students is having a great impact on learning for the young students.  Offered at Twin Lakes Elementary School, and taught by Jenelle Chou, a credentialed Mandarin Language teacher, the program provides every TK and kindergarten student with 30 minutes of Mandarin Language instruction three times a week.    

           Michelle Torres, principal of Twin Lakes is very pleased with the success of the Mandarin Language Enrichment program and all that the students are learning.

      “This is an amazing opportunity for our students and community and we are excited to have this enrichment at our school,” said Torres.  “We can definitely see the positive effect it is having on learning for our youngest students.” 

       During the 30 minute lessons, Mrs. Chou speaks Mandarin and communicates using a wide range of engaging strategies including pictures, songs, games, body language, expressions, drama, technology and more.  Students are asked questions to challenge their thinking and nudge their cognitive skills and various types of student interactions are used to promote a dynamic learning environment.

       The focus of the lessons during the first trimester of the school year were on greetings, counting numbers from 1-10, the 12 months, days of the week, name and self-introduction.   For the second and third trimester the goal is for students to be able to talk about their age and birthdate, name family members, say what the weather is, and engage in conversations about these things.  All of the program’s goals are tied to the state’s Foreign Language Standards.

      Parents of students in the program are pleased with the results and have seen an increase in enthusiasm and confidence in their children.

      “My daughter is very excited to be in the Mandarin Language program,” said Maribel Paez.  “She repeats what she’s learning to us and is writing and speaking in Mandarin.  She is very confident in her abilities too and shared that she is very smart because she now speaks three languages, English, Spanish and Mandarin. It brings me great joy to see her learning and enjoying it and I hope the program continues into other grade levels. ”    

      The Mandarin Language Enrichment also includes additional language support for students as well as parent workshops coordinated by Mrs. Chou.

     According to Margarita Gonzalez-Amador, MVSD’s Director of Curriculum, Instruction and English Learners, the Mandarin Language Enrichment is a blended program this school year and the District’s goal is to build into a full Mandarin Dual Language Immersion program next year.

      For more information on Mountain View School District’s Mandarin Language Enrichment program, please call 626-652-4000.


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