Students Get an Up Close Look at Reptiles

Students Get an Up Close Look at Reptiles

    Students in MVSD's Extended School Year (ESY) summer program were transported to the desert and tropical rain forest as they got an up close look at reptiles during a presentation by Thor’s Reptile Family.  The students, who have been studying the desert and reptiles during the Desert Fun themed summer program, were excited to listen to Thor, a reptile expert who happily shared his friends Ruby the baby red footed tortoise, Speedy a small turtle, Dora a large desert turtle, Betsy a blue tongued skink, Columbo the green iguana, Kingsly a king snake, Baxter the bearded dragon, and Snuggles, a 12’ Burmese Python. 

     Students were captivated by the small and large creatures and learning about their habitat, diets and behaviors.  The courageous young students, from preschool to 8th grade, along with their teachers and aides got a chance to touch each of the reptiles and were happy to feel the difference between the smooth skin snake, the rough scales of the iguana and the hard bumpy shell of the turtle.  It was a great safari adventure for everyone! 

    “I touched all of them,” said Matthew.  “My favorite was the iguana because it’s warm and spiky and looks like Godzilla.”

     The ESY summer program provides a structured environment for learning and development for students, as teachers and support staff provide essential services through individualized instruction and small group work. The Desert Fun theme is incorporated into language arts and mathematics activities each day. 

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