Students Making Gains During Summer Programs

Students Making Gains During Summer Programs

Students Make Academic and Social Emotional Gains during Summer Programs

     “Summer School is so much fun!” This sentiment was expressed by many students attending Mountain View School District’s in-person summer programs who are very excited to be in school and back on campus with their teachers and friends. 

     Offered in two sessions, the summer programs continue to provide enriching and engaging learning opportunities and social emotional support for students through August 6. 

     Along with the academic focus on reading, writing and mathematics during Session I, students in the Think Together Summer program participated in group games, worked in teams to solve STEM-based learning challenges, and had fun learning and exercising their minds and bodies with DrumFit sessions.  Additionally, thanks to a generous donation from the Soccer for Success program, every student participating in the Think Together Summer Program received their very own soccer ball, shin guards and cleats, and during the four-week program worked on their soccer skills including ball control, dribbling, push passing, receiving the ball, and more. 

     Students in the New to Kinder classes learned their ABC’s, practiced writing numbers, learned to use scissors and perfected their cutting and counting skills, as well as completed sequencing and matching activities.  Migrant Education Summer Program students explored art and created beautiful artwork during their weekly Fine Arts sessions. 

     Soon-to-be 5th and 6th graders had a fantastic time enhancing their reading, writing and math skills as they explored Earth Science and learned about fossils, dinosaurs and the Mesozoic and Paleozoic eras.

      “I liked everything about summer school!” exclaimed Gabriel who attended the Think Together Summer Program at Miramonte School. 

     “I enjoyed all the different things we did because I got to learn,” said Anabell who had a great time learning about dinosaurs.

       Teachers are also enjoying their time teaching summer school and are excited to see the students doing so well. 

      “We are having so much fun in summer school,” said Anna Marie Mezin-Williams, teacher.  “The kids have done a great job and have really grown academically, emotionally and socially,” she added.   

       Currently, the District’s Session II programs are taking place and teachers are providing students enrolled in the in-person summer program with small group tutoring focusing on math, reading and writing, and the Think Together staff members are reinforcing math and language arts skills along with providing fun and engaging STEM and outdoor activities. Several students are also taking part in a Virtual Tutoring program where teachers are focusing on academics and social emotional activities in small group sessions done remotely.

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