Students Show Appreciation to Teachers

Students Show Appreciation to Teachers

     Physical school closures didn’t stop MVSD students from showing their love and appreciation to their teachers during Teacher Appreciation Week May 4 through May 8.  From video messages to posters and hand written letters, students reached out remotely to make sure their teachers knew how much they loved them and how much they miss being together in their classrooms. 

     Heartfelt sentiments from students were shared on school websites and through social media thanking teachers for all they do. 

     Montserrat Ortiz, a third grader at Twin Lakes wrote and illustrated a book titled “The Best Teacher Ever” for her teacher Ms. Hess. 

     In her beautiful hand-made book, Montserrat thanked Ms. Hess for helping her grow and shine brighter than the sun. She also thanked her for making her life colorful, even in hard times like right now.  This grateful 3rd grader went on to express what makes Ms. Hess the best teacher ever.

     “Ms. Hess is Talented, Energetic, Amazing, Cheerful, Hard-working, Enthusiastic and Remarkable,” she said proudly displaying her acrostic poem.

     Sentiments like this were shared across the schools sites as students and parents wanted to convey their gratitude.

     During these unprecedented times of the COVID-19 pandemic, MVSD’s teachers, along with teachers across the nation are commended for continuing to rise to the challenge to provide students with a distance learning program and important connections to their schools and classmates.

     “Never before has the profound impact of teachers and schools been acknowledged, admired and appreciated so much, as parents take on the role of temporary teacher,”   said Lillian Maldonado French, MVSD’s Superintendent.   “We are so grateful for our teachers’ dedication and flexibility to adapt to this different way of teaching and instruction and the tremendous resiliency they’ve shown as the pandemic forced us to transform our instructional format in such a short time.” 

      Parkview sixth grader, Ashley Barrios shared a sign for her teachers, Ms. Segura Diaz and Ms. Montes letting them know she misses them with all her heart.  Mrs. Sawkins felt the love from her third grade student, Leslie V. who drew a wonderful poster thanking her for being the best teacher and for teaching her fractions, multiplications, geography, all about the weather and even Hip Hop.

     “Whether teaching in their classroom or from home, the passion and skills our teachers bring to their lessons engages students in their instruction and motivates them to set goals and work hard to reach their dreams, and we are so thankful for everything they do,” said Maldonado French.  

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