Students Showcase Math Skills at Math Field Day

Students Showcase Math Skills at Math Field Day

     “Pure mathematics is, in its way, the poetry of logical ideas.”  This quote by Albert Einstein depicts the poetry in motion during Mountain View School District’s Math Field Day event which gathered the District’s top 4th and 7th grade mathematicians from all 12 schools for the Saturday morning math competition. 

     Competing in both team and individual math activities, the students’ excitement and mathematics expertise were evident as they put their math skills on display, using logic and strategic thinking to solve the problems.  During the event students took part in three rotations including Problem Solving, Conceptual Understanding and Computational and Procedural Skills. 

    The students didn’t mind at all giving up their Saturday morning for math.  They were happy to be a part of the fun event.

     “At first I was really nervous because it’s a competition but after a few minutes I calmed down and now I’m just excited to work with my team and get at the problems,” said Nathan, a fourth grader from Maxson School. 

     “I feel like my team did pretty good in the first round,” said Roniya, a fourth grader from Twin Lakes.  “The last question sort of stumped us but we worked together to get our answers.”

     After the three rounds of competition, the math wizards enjoyed lunch and were joined by their families for a Family Math Festival, complete with fun and challenging math games.  An awards ceremony concluded the event where Baker School’s 4th grade team won the Best Overall Team Ranking and Monte Vista’s 7th grade team won the Best Overall Team Ranking. 

      “Math Field Day is wonderful opportunity for our students to compete, think and problem solve both individually and as a team,” said Angelica Sifuentes Donoso, Director of Family Engagement and Extended Learning Programs.  “Hearing the students cheer and smile with pride as they tackled the math problems was truly invigorating.  Our Math Field Day Committee and school site coaches did an outstanding job and the knowledge displayed by the students was amazing.”  

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