Summer Science Academy Provides Hands-on Learning

Summer Science Academy Provides Hands-on Learning
Posted on 07/22/2022

Gifted And Talented Education (GATE) Summer Science Academy provided students the opportunity to explore, discover, understand and enterprise with staff from The World Space Foundation as they participated in hands-on lessons focused on space, ecology, climate change and 3-D printing. During the four-week program, students also participated in daily social-emotional learning activities led by District counselors.


The science scholars enjoyed learning about global warming, gases, electricity, energy, the Earth’s magnetic field, chemistry and more. From testing the number of drops of water a penny can hold to filling up balloons with various gases including carbon dioxide, helium and oxygen to compare their weight, the students appreciated and thrived with the hands-on learning.

“We get to do experiments and see things and figure things out,” said Maria Salvador, 3rd grader. “We discuss chemicals like hydrogen and oxygen and other things and we even got to make carbon dioxide. It’s been really fun and interesting,” she added.

“I like to try new things in science,” said Jesus Salvador, 5th grader.  “The experiments are cool and it’s fun to meet new people too.  When we tested the water on the penny my hypothesis was way lower than the actual result.  The highest number of drops the penny could hold was 31 which surprised me because a penny is so small,” he added. 


MVSD was happy to partner with The World Space Foundation to provide the four-week summer science academy for students, exposing them to scientific study and helping them learn to be self-directed learners.


  • Magnolia Learning Center