Voorhis Students Perform at the Very Special Arts Festival

Voorhis Students Perform at the Very Special Arts Festival

     Students in Ms. Heng's class from Voorhis School took to the stage at the Music Center’s Disney Concert Hall for the 39th Annual Very Special Arts Festival, an inclusive event celebrating the artistic achievements of students with all abilities.

       Voorhis’ students did a fantastic job showcasing their performing arts skills with a dance to “Cake by the Ocean” decked out in colorful sea animal costumes.  The students had a great time performing for the large crowd.

        Also attending the Festival and cheering on the performers were students from Madrid, Kranz, Maxson and Miramonte Schools and their proud teachers and parents.   

               “The Very Special Arts Festival was a wonderful day and special event allowing our students to shine through arts and dance,” said Stacey DeKnikker, MVSD’s Program Specialist.  “Our performers really enjoyed their time on stage and did an excellent job.”

      According to Rachel Moore, president and CEO of The Music Center, the Very Special Arts Festival is a way for students of all abilities to experience the transformative power of the arts and showcase their individual creative achievements. 

          In addition to student performances, the annual festival features professional performances, visual and performing arts workshops and a student art exhibit for participants to enjoy. The student performances are a highlight of the festival and Voorhis’ amazing students definitely filled the crowd with joy and happiness, and made MVSD very proud.  

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